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On Thursday morning Zlatan Ibrahimovic posted this picture on Twitter, and there’s a whole lot going on.
I UNITED it @ManUtd pic.twitter.com/2rgvuvoT0m
— Zlatan Ibrahimovi? (@Ibra_official) August 24, 2017
Machester United announced on Thursday morning that Ibrahimovic would be returning to the team for another year. Everyone knows the team are known as the “Red Devils,” which makes Zlatan’s picture even more confusing.
Right now we have three competing theories:
Zlatan is arm wrestling the devil.
This is possible because of the pose. That is an arm-wrestling pose if ever I saw one, and casts Ibrahimovic in the role of Jesus. Both Zlatan and the Devil seem to be straining on their face — supporting the idea.
Why this makes sense
It’s not uncommon for people to say they are fighting the devil or want to fight off the devil.
Why this doesn’t make sense
He literally just signed with a team called the “Red Devils.”
Zlatan knows he’s making a deal with the devil.
There were no signs of a gripe between Zlatan and Manchester United prior to his injury, so this one seems a little odd.
Why this makes sense
He made a literal deal with the devils.
Why this doesn’t make sense
There’s no ill-will between them.
Zlatan and the devil are friends.
Perhaps his return to the team is just a sign of a deepening friendship. This could be a “game respects game” situation, and not a literal fight or a deal at all.
Why this makes sense
Zlatan and Manchester United have a seemingly good relationship and he’s excited to return to the team.
Why this doesn’t make sense
Wouldn’t they just play foosball or something, rather than grip hands like they’re arm wrestling on top of a waterfall?

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